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Jane Rice Dumont died July 1, 2011 2:50 a.m. in Hedgesville West Virginia of Congestive Heart Failure. Her daughter April was by her side, and grandson Todd was on the phone as she took her last breath. It was a welcome relief to have Heavenly Father take her home and release her from her suffering. We are sad but we have peace in knowing that she is reunited with her many loved family members and especially her dear husband, Neill Dumont. Hospice took care of everything and then called the funeral home. Click here to read her WASHINGTON POST Obituary. Click here to read The Journal News in WV. Click here to read THE GAZETTE in Maryland.

Jane lived a wonderful and entertaining life. She was the belle of the ball, event planner, championing the under dog, missionary work, loved the Temple and working there from 1974 to 1984. She loved singing in the Mormon Choir of Washington DC. She loved Road Shows, and skits... she loved Nancy & Dick Marriott's Christmas party every year (and I got to go as well in 1999). She loved genealogy and she loved all of her many ward and stake callings in the church.

Did you know she had a heart attack in 2003 during the  sacrament hymn? Didn't miss a beat! She did give her baton and book to someone else and then drove herself home after the hymn was over. Did you know she had a heart bypass and nearly died 9 times in 2003 at Washington Hospital Center in DC? They put a pacemaker AND defibrillator inside her chest. She survived 3 staph infections in ICCU and lots of insulting rude horrible nurses and staff there too, until we clued in and started bringing them pasteries and platters of sandwiches and cookies and flowers every day... and then Bill Marriott stopped by ICCU one day all the staff were in SHOCK b/c they thought she was just hallucinating when she asked them to call Bill Marriott b/c she wanted to talk to him about his own heart attack. They had a great visit and remained great friends.

She is the most frugal person on the planet... she even cuts her kleenex in half. Says not to waste the other half. She loved so many people and so many people loved her back, especially little children. It stings to think she won't be here for them (or for me) as time goes by, but I know she'll be conducting some choir in heaven and Neill will be singing bass... just like the good ole days. Her motto about money is this: "Is this a want or a need?"

She used to love to sew. She owned a couture design shop in 1947-48 in Washington DC with a few friends from the Art School there. She made all of the clothes for her children for many years, and for our Barbie dolls. She was active in the scouting program as a Den Mother for many years, worked as the supervisor of the childrens waiting room at the Mormon Temple in Kensington Maryland, and was an honored volunteer for Meals on Wheels and former President of the Public Relations Religious Council. Jane and Neill were also charter members of the Mormon Choir of Washington DC.

Jane's Brain became her legacy however. She loved sending out clever sayings, creative thoughts and would often make these into little cards "from Jane's Brain". Everyone loved her and we will all miss her forever.

Jane Catherine Rice was born in Smithers West Virginia, the first baby of the new year in the town, at approximately 2 a.m. on January 2, 1929, to her proud parents; Clara Belle Myers and Harry Alvin Rice, Sr.  She had an older brother, Harry Alvin Rice, Jr., and later came her baby brother Rodney Wayne Rice. She grew up in a variety of towns and went to many schools. Her mother and father ran a beauty barber shop in the Charleston WV area. She graduated, after lettering in Basketball, from Stonewall Jackson High School in Charleston, before moving to Washington DC where her father was living (after her parents divorce). She attended Art School in DC and opened a courture dress boutique with friends. Eventually, she met her first husband, Calvin Reynolds Measell in the spring of 1948, he was a "soda jerk" at a "five and dime" going to American University. They fell madly in love and were married on December 17, 1948 in Rockville, Maryland.

Jane and Reynolds had 4 children; Robert Brickford, David Alvin, April Priscilla and Rebecca Suzanne. They raised their family in a beautiful home on Dewey Road in Kensington Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC.  Bricky and David were born with a rare blood disease called Aplastic Anemia. The National Institutes of Health in Bethesda followed them from 1958 to their deaths in 1973. Jane taught Art and preschool for the City of Rockville, while Reynolds worked as the world's best Barber in Montgomery County - if not the entire region - after apprenticing with his father-in-law.  Jane and Reynolds separated in 1967 and divorced in January 1969 after 20 years of marriage.

After dating Neill Dumont, they married in 1969 and were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple in 1974. Jane and Neill were perfect for each other. They were quite the couple and had a lot of fun in their 41 years of marriage. The last 5 years were bumpy as Neill's health declined. In 2005 they moved across the street from April in Hedgesville West Virginia and Neill passed away in September 2010. Jane has not been the same since. Her grief was exacerbated by her own health issues, heart failure, and even though she celebrated her 82 birthday just this past January, she rapidly went down hill and was placed into hospice by the end of January. We know she is at peace now.

Jane is survived by her two daughters, April Measell Page Cline of Hedgesville West Virginia and Rebecca Measell of Chevy Chase Maryland. In addition, she is survived by 2 of her 3 grandchildren, Todd Warren Page and his wife Christy Rupp Page of Atlanta Georgia and Matthew Steven Cline and his wife Ellen Callihan Cline of Johnstown Pennsylvania. Jane is also survived by her brother Rodney Wayne Rice of Clemson South Carolina, her step sister Lorna Jane Heges of Pennsylvania, 3 step children; Neill W. Dumont III of Woodbridge Virginia, Jim DuMont of Bel Air Maryland and Artie Sue Dumont of Baltimore Maryland and many nieces and nephews. Jane is preceded in death by her brother Harry Alvin Rice, Jr., two sons, Robert Brickford Measell and David Alvin Measell, a grandson Daniel Reynolds Page and her husband of 41 years, Neill Winthrop Dumont, Jr.


The Measells and the Dumonts were neighbors and attended the same church. Jane and Neill had known each other for years and years. At one point Neill and Reynolds were roommates, as they were each going through their respective divorces. I remember my mother starting to date Neill and how happy she was. One day, in the car, she asked me how I would feel about her marrying "Brother Dumont" and I remember thinking that it would be a good idea. Our families were already friends and it seemed like a natural fit. I had just turned 13. I remember seeing this beautiful engagement ring and again how happy my mother was. Neill sent her flowers all the time and it was a lovely time for our family. The planning of the wedding and all the matching dresses with the 3 girls - my sister, and my step sister, Artie and I all had to match. My mom was very worried about her dress being too short. It was 1969 and mini dresses were everywhere. It was tough to be age 40 and find a knee length dress back then, in ivory lace but my mom finally found the most beautiful dress and she still has it. Attending your mother's wedding is kinda weird but it was a lot of fun for us kids. I did take delight, over the years, in being a snotty teenager telling Neill that he couldn't tell me what to do because he wasn't my father. I'm sorry Neill...  Ocean City is where they spent their honeymoon. Neill was brave enough to enter a family of 4 teenagers with 3 of his own - making it 7 teens to deal with. We were most definitely NOT the Brady Bunch but we had some very good times.

<<<<<Jim, Neill, April, Artie, Becky @1976


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